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Malheur es una herramienta para el análisis automático del comportamiento del malware (comportamiento grabado del malware en un entorno de sandbox). Ha sido diseñado para apoyar el análisis periódico de un software malicioso y el desarrollo de las medidas de detección y de defensa por expertos de ethical hacking. Malheur permite la identificación de nuevas clases de malware con un comportamiento similar y la asignación de malware desconocido a las clases descubiertas y es parte del curso de Malware Reverse Engineering de iicyberecurity IICS.


Malheur se basa en el concepto de análisis dinámico: los binarios de malware son recogidos desde internet  y se ejecutan en un entorno de sandbox, donde se controla su comportamiento durante el tiempo de ejecución. La ejecución de cada uno de los resultados binarios de malware se registra en un informe de comportamiento. Según consultores de ethcial hacking,  Malheur analiza estos informes para el descubrimiento y la discriminación de las clases de malware utilizando inteligencia artificial con Malware Reverse Engineering.

Malheur se puede aplicar a la conducta registrada por varios formatos, siempre y cuando los sucesos supervisados sean separados por símbolos delimitadores, por ejemplo como en los informes generados por los populares malware sandboxes CWSandbox, Anubis, Norman SandBox y Joebox.


Extracción de prototipos. A partir de un determinado conjunto de informes, Malheur identifica un subconjunto de prototipos representativos para el grupo de datos completos. Los prototipos proporcionan una visión general del comportamiento registrado y pueden ser utilizados para guiar Malware Reverse Engineering manual.

La agrupación de comportamiento. Malheur identifica automáticamente los grupos (clusters) de informes que contienen un comportamiento similar. La agrupación permite descubrir nuevas clases de malware y proporciona las bases para la elaboración de mecanismos de detección y defensas específicas, como las firmas de los antivirus explican Kim Denver, un experto de Malware Reverse Engineering y Ethical hacking.

Clasificación del comportamiento. Sobre la base de un conjunto de informes previamente agrupados, Malheur es capaz de asignar un comportamiento desconocido para grupos conocidos de malware. La clasificación permite la identificación de nuevas variantes de malware y se puede utilizar por los profesionales de ethical hacking para filtrar el comportamiento del programa antes de la inspección manual.

El análisis incremental. Malheur se puede aplicar de forma incremental para el análisis de grandes conjuntos de datos. Mediante el procesamiento de informes en trozos, los requisitos de tiempo de ejecución y la memoria se reducen significativamente. Esto convierte la aplicación a largo plazo viable, por ejemplo, para el análisis diario de malware durante procesos de Malware Reverse Engineering.

La entrada de malheur es un dataset que contiene los informes de comportamiento del malware. El conjunto de datos se proporciona ya sea como un directorio o un archivo comprimido que contiene los informes.Malheur soporta los siguientes formatos de archivos comprimidos: tar.gz, zip, pax y cpio. Un informe es un documento de texto que describe la actividad registrada de un programa de malware, donde los eventos individuales están separados por caracteres delimitadores, como el espacio en blanco o transporte de regreso. Se espera que los eventos en un informe estén en orden secuencial. Si el comportamiento se representa usando malware instruction set (MIST) otras opciones podrán ser seleccionadas. Cualquier curso de Malware Reverse Engineering o ethical hacking debe cubrir MIST en el curso. El resultado de un análisis se escribe en un archivo, un archivo de texto que contiene las columnas correspondientes con determinados resultados del análisis. De forma predeterminada se establecen en un archive que se llama malheur.out.

La configuración y el estado interno de malheur están almacenados en el directorio maldir. Si no existe este directorio, se crea y la configuración de todo el sistema se copia. Malheur apoya diferentes acciones para el análisis de un conjunto de datos según expertos de ethical hacking. Para todas las acciones de los informes se asignan primero a un espacio de vectores de altas dimensiones, de tal manera que cada informe se representa como un vector característico.


Basics terminologies of Malware Reverse Engineering

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They are developed to be played by some media as the (most common) email, messengers or P2P programs. The purpose of these is to reach as many users as possible and achieve distributing other types of malicious code that will be mentioned below. The latter will be responsible for carrying out the deception, theft or embezzlement. Another common objective is to worms DDoS attacks against specific websites or even eliminate “virus within the jurisdiction” for the business that is attempted.


In theory, a Trojan virus is not because it does not meet all of the same features, but because these threats can spread similarly, usually within the same group.

A Trojan is a small program generally stayed within a normal application (a file).

Goal is to pass unnoticed to the user and installed on the system when it runs the file “host”. After installed, you can perform different tasks, hidden from the user. Currently they are used for the installation of other malware such as backdoors and allow system access to the creator of the threat. Some Trojans, least, perform a useful function simulates the user while also performing the harmful action. The similarity to the “Trojan horse” of the Greeks is evident and because of that feature were named.


These programs are designed to open a “back door” in our system so as to allow the creator of this application to access the system and do what you want with it. The aim is to achieve a large number of infected computers to freely dispose of forms point networks as described below.


Adware is software that displays advertisements of different products or services. These applications include additional code that displays pop-up advertising, or through a bar that appears on the screen simulating offer different services useful to the user.

Generally, add graphics icon in the toolbar of Internet browsers or email clients, which have the predefined keywords for the user to reach advertising sites, whatever it is you’re looking for.

 malware reverse engineering


The spyware or spyware is an application that gathers information about a person or organization without their knowledge or consent. The most common objective is to distribute to advertising companies or other organizations.

Typically this software sends information to its servers, according to user’s browsing habits. Also, collect data about the websites that are navigated and requested information on those sites and IP addresses and URLs visited.

This information is exploited for marketing purposes, and is often the source of other pests such as SPAM, as they may face personalized advertising to the affected user. With this information, it is also possible to create statistical profiles of the habits of Internet users.

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Malware Reverse Engineering course

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The malware also known as badware, malware is actually where the authors and creators of these programs have created for so mean and vile aims to steal passwords, hack email accounts. Cryptography is being employed in the design of almost all Malware.  The malware can be found on the largest Internet social network sites, being a website well visited, is precisely the ideal medium for cyber criminals to find potential victims instead. Related to the earthquake and tsunamies and deaths of celebrities, news is the perfect hook and bait to spread malware.  For example, someone could post false news of something and that person automatically increases your number of followers, and the same account can incite websites visit malware-infected sites.

 Malware Reverse Engineering

All these facts confirm global knowledge of this great truth:  “The Internet malware spreads really fast pace, any computer without antivirus protection in real time is a favorite target of hackers” In fact it is very common to find as holders of some newspapers that x internet page was hacked or thousands of email accounts were hacked.

In fact there are hundreds of companies’ antivirus, anti malware and spyware; there are thousands of worldwide experts investigating malware samples with techniques such as reverse engineering.

In fact the malware moves millions of dollars around the world such as those millions of dollars are spent on:  Protection antivirus licenses for companies and governments.

Millions of homes around the world are calling a technician in repairing computers from malware and viruses. The antivirus companies are paying big money to his technicians and engineers to improve antivirus signatures. The hackers obtained millions in gains from his iniquities.

Companies spend millions of dollars on training employees to us and many times just to tell them to use common sense and do not open spam messages.  The ZOMBIES computers are a headache for governments and hackers use to hide ZOMBIES computers. Any of us we could be victims and owners of a ZOMBIE! Watch out!  It is more difficult to pursue with the LAW and order cyber criminals hiding in computer networks ZOMBIES. Conclusions: Use a good antivirus with real time protection and do what antivirus cannot do for you, if you can use common sense, an antivirus NO.

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Information Security Courses That You Need the Most

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Cloud computing allows consumers and businesses to manage files and use applications without installing them on any computer with Internet access. This technology offers a much more efficient use of resources, such as processing, storage, memory and bandwidth by providing only the necessary resources at all times. The term “cloud” is used as a metaphor for the Internet and stems used to represent the Internet cloud in network diagrams as an abstraction of the infrastructure it represents. A simple example of cloud computing is the system of electronic documents and applications Google Docs / Google Apps. For use no need to install software or have a server, just an internet connection in order to use any of its services.

Mobile Security in MexicoThe server and management software in the cloud (Internet) and are directly managed by the service provider. Thus, it is much simpler for the consumer to enjoy the benefits. In other words, the information technology becomes a service, that is consumed in the same way we consume electricity or water. Today, many company employees are joining corporate training for cloud-based computing software. Most of the company provided training session for employee to enhance skill and knowledge so that organization grows fast with secure information. Iicybersecurity is one of the leading companies that offer Cloud Computing Training in Mexico. They have expert trainers that provide cloud based training anywhere in the world using a computer or laptop or Tablet or any other device through internet media.

The popular Malware Reverse Engineering course has helped forensic investigators , first responders and incident managers to acquire skills for examining malicious programs that target Microsoft Windows. This training also teaches how to reverse engineer malware Web Browser implemented in JavaScript and Flash , as well as malicious , such as PDF and Microsoft Office documents files . The course builds a solid foundation for malicious reverse engineering software using a variety of systems and network monitoring utilities, a disassembler , a debugger and other tools for converting malware inside out .

The malware analysis process taught in this class helps analysts to assess the severity and impact of a situation involving malicious software. Forensic investigators also learn to understand the key features of malware discovered during the examination, including how to establish indicators of compromise (IOCs ) for scoping. Throughout the training in this area, it will show how to check binary files, perform analysis of malware, locate vulnerabilities and writing exploits performed. Although the supply of this type of course, due to its complexity, is scarce, this course is one of the most popular in the professional world.

Cloud Computing and Ethical Hacking course in Mexico

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Clouding Computing is evolving very rapidly and penetrating every organizations needs. Cloud Computing is bringing all the big solutions to a secure and elastic platform and helping organizations store their data in a secure central place. Cloud Computing enables to migrate high cost legacy data centers to a low cost and scalable environment. Cloud brings a elasticity factor in your current environment. It means “as and when required”, systems can be brought UP and DOWN as per the business needs and this all can be done anytime from anywhere. Cloud computing service enables to boost performance on a minimal provisioning cost. Iicybersecurity is pioneer in providing Cloud Computing Training in Mexico. To join this course, you need basic networking knowledge and if you do not have basic network skills, our trainers will help you learn. After completing Cloud Computing course student you will have the complete skills required to design solution on cloud.

Cloud Computing Training in MexicoIicybersecurity is also pioneer in training Ethical Hacking course in Mexico. We have highly skilled professional trainer to provide ethical hacking education on both corporate and individual level. We have separate and effectively outfitted practical lab to handle all of the students by our well trained experts. Cyber crime is increasing with a high rate, so information security has become a major issue for various government organizations, personal data, IT companies and other various businesses sectors. The hackers are actively hacking organization like government agency, banks, police departments, telecom companies, hotels industries, airlines and all other important industries that have important information and to stop, it required expert professionals to protect information from any cyber security threats.

Cyber criminal are unethical hackers who penetrate into any network without legal permission and try to retrieve important information & data from your system and it sold out in the market for money. This can only be stopped by professional who have special ethical hacking training. These people are known as ethical hackers, or “white hat” hackers or penetration testers. People who have looking for Ethical Hacking in Mexico can find us by just visit our website. The hackers are currently employed in mostly government-related corporations and access the confidential data of the organization, so it is important for a hacker to be trustworthy and honest.

Get Certified Cloud Computing Training in Mexico

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Cloud computing is rapidly expanding in the modern age which is substantially being applied to many variety of computers ideas that take part in several solutions of information technology. Most of the social networking sites worked in the real time with the help of cloud computing technology. The cloud computing systems are working in the vast data centers over the virtualized enviroment. Cloud enable to run underutilized resources to their best effective utilization and it has the capability to host any software program on several servers simultaneously and put the data at centralized location. Iicybersecurity offers Cloud Computing Training in Mexico with world class educational environment. With the increase in the demand of Cloud computing it will be the future technology that will not only effectively utilize our hardware’s but will automation our legacy ways of managing systems. This cloud platform works in a virtualized enviroment to provide “as service” concepts. With the help of this customer can bring up their own infrastructure in minutes.

Cloud Computing Training in MexicoCloud provides “as service” model, with are broadly classified as Software-as-service, platform-as-service, Infrastructure-as-service, security-as-service. Cloud computing Software-as-service offers new tools that allow the coders to control the existing functionality to develop customer requirement. These software’s are developed and accessed without any cost over the Internet, without the need of any operating system or external tools on a local machine. Some cloud computer system has well platform tools which are applied nowadays squash-ups, and it include a number of technology by Google for search User interface, that enables the developers to make use of many search engine programs.

Now from Cloud computing to a very important concept of security, .i.e. Anti-virus. In information technology, we update to new technology to save cost, Schedule and time. Malwares and virus’s are biggest threat which are addressed by many anti-virus products. But the question comes is, how these anti-viruses are written and how they check which anti-virus suites are need the best. We address many such kind of questions. Iicybersecurity is one of the best training institutes that offer you Anti-virus Programming Course in Mexico. We have specialist trainer for each program. Experts organize their classes as per your suitable time and conducted class program when needed with the help of Modern technology. these classes include deep practical knowledge on different type of malware like worm, trojan horses, spyware, ransomware, keyloggers, rootkits and adware. This will help you developed secure software.