Kill the password! Yahoo Account Key rolls out to more apps

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There have been a lot of attempts to kill the password and replace it with something more secure and easier to use. Biometric measures such as fingerprint and iris readers are increasingly common, but Yahoo is on a mission of its own with Yahoo Account Key.

Recognizing that “passwords suck”, Yahoo launched the product back in October and since then there have been a few changes and additions. It’s a simple system that uses your mobile as your access key and it’s now available in more apps than ever.

Yahoo Account Key came about in response to the fact that passwords are not only all too easily hacked, but also very easily forgotten. It builds on the idea of 2FA and reduces the sign-in process to a simple tap in an app. Yahoo says that Yahoo Account Key is now available on more than 50 million devices. There are a couple of key improvements to Yahoo Account Key that the company highlights today:

Available Anywhere: You can use Account Key in a majority of Yahoo apps, including Yahoo Finance, Fantasy, Mail, Messenger, and Sports for iOS and Android.

Do Not Disturb: We’ve launched a dashboard where you can control the devices or apps that receive Account Key push notifications. For example, if you have an iPad on the kitchen table, you can turn off sign-in notifications on that device so your kids aren’t disturbed while doing their homework.

This is not the end of Yahoo’s battle against the password. We’re promised that there are more developments and changes on the horizon.



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