Hezbollah-Affiliated Hackers Breach Israeli Security Camera System

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Hackers tap into feeds from Israel’s Defense Ministry. Qadmon (or Kadimon), one of Hezbollah’s hacking units has revealed it managed to breach many of Israel’s CCTV systems, having had access to camera feeds from various government buildings, Israeli news sites Ynet and Times of Israel report, quoting a news broadcast of Hezbollah-linked al-Manar TV station.

Qadmon, whose name translates from Arabic as “We’re Coming” claims to have accessed live video feeds from cameras inside government buildings in Tel Aviv and Haifa.

The group says its prize target was the Defense Ministry’s Kirya compound in Tel Aviv, from where the hackers also provided screenshots to al-Manar reporters, along with an interview.

Data on the provided screenshots revealed the breach took place on February 14. The news report was also accompanied by a quote from the group’s members who said “We will reach you even if you are in your offices. The next step will be greater.”

Qadmon members also bragged about breaking into over 5,000 Israeli websites during the past year, some of which contained information about Israeli security forces.

Qadmon formed in 2013, has evolved over time

The group, which appeared on the hacking scene in 2013, has grown tremendously in capabilities since its early days. In its beginnings, Qadmon hackers were spotted defacing unimportant Israeli sites and taking over Facebook accounts for random Israeli citizens.

Most of the attacks were timed to coincide with the death of Lebanese militants, killed by Israeli forces, and had little effect, except to annoy its targets.

Israel officials have not acknowledged the incident, but Israel rarely does. Hezbollah is a paramilitary group that originates from Lebanon. Some consider it a terrorist group, other consider it a political party. Views depend on each person’s stance on the Israeli-Arab World conflict.

It is to no surprise to see Hezbollah developing a cyber-division, especially after ISIS (Daesh) hackers created quite some trouble for US forces in cyber-space.


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