Anonymous Leaks Top Secret Canadian Government Documents, Again

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Operation Anon Down continues as Anonymous enacts revenge
Anonymous is continuing its cyber-protest against the Canadian government, which started after the shooting of a Canadian protester, and it has now released a secret document related to some of the country’s foreign diplomatic centers in the UK.

The document released last week to 10 Canadian media agencies has been confirmed as authentic and contains information about the Department of Foreign Affairs selling one of its diplomatic buildings in London, and then relocating and refurbishing a new one.

Opinions are still split if the document is of any importance, with some arguing that it reveals a shady transaction, because the Canadian government eventually bought a new building, paying CAD300 million (USD228 million) more than it anticipated, as reported by the National Post.

Anonymous Leaks Top Secret Canadian Government Documents, Again

The document is dated February 6, 2014, and the operations detailed in it seem to have taken place in 2012.

Curiously, this banal transaction was labeled as “top secret” by the Canadian government, which also raised more suspicions.

Despite the leak, the Canadian government has been more annoyed with the fact that hackers found a way to break into their systems, more than anything else.

Operation Anon Down: Anonymous wants justice

This document leak is part of Anonymous’ Operation Anon Down, which is in response to an incident that took place in Dawson Creek, B.C., in July.

Back then, a protester wearing the classic Guy Fawkes (Anonymous) mask was shot and killed by an RCMP officer. Operation Anon Down was started as an online protest to force the Canadian Government to release the officer’s name, fire him from the force, and bring official charges against him.

The protest in which the masked man (James McIntyre, 48) was shot wasn’t even related to Anonymous, but against a local hydroelectric project.

Previously in July, the hacktivist group released Canadian Cabinet documents regarding its spying policy and current capabilities.

Details about Operation Anon Down:



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