New Google Maps Hack Tells US Supreme Court Off

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After having stirred the ire of the US President by pulling a racist hack on Google Maps, it seems that the pranksters decided to take things to a whole new level.

Google is now prone to get on the wrong side of the United States Supreme Court as well with a recently discovered trick on the mapping system.

TMZ reports that, even before that racist slur was taken off, another one made its appearance on the interactive service. If anyone residing in the Washington DC greater area types in “dumb f***” on Google Maps, they will be directed to the US Supreme Court.

New Google Maps Hack Tells US Supreme Court Off
New Google Maps Hack Tells US Supreme Court Off

Due to an increasingly large number of spams on the portal, Google announced that they would disable the Map Making tool that allowed users to make edits. This is why it is yet unclear how the tricksters still managed to make these “adjustments.”

Having enough on its plate already, Google took the time to apologize for the racist slur against the President and promised to work on fixing the issue as soon as possible.

However, the search engine might have to deal with many other such occurrences if the hacker responsible for the incidents decides to diss any other governmental institutions.

Furthermore, although the two pranks are extremely similar, it cannot be stated with certainty that they come from the same person. And if there are several persons who have taken a liking to the practice, then Google might be in serious trouble.



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