Penetration Testing (pen test) and Ethical Hacking Course

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Currently, the cyber terrorism and cyber attacks on businesses, government, and financial institutions around the world is a reality. From web pages, databases theft of financial information, theft of passwords of emails or social networks, mobile chats, photos, even identity theft are all realities of everyday life. The damage that can cause a “hack” into your network, to monetary level, could amount to millions of dollars, not counting the public embarrassment and lack of confidence that this could bring to their customers. These attacks can come from other countries, groups of cyber criminals, cyber terrorists, having motivations (large) economic or a 15 year old with a lot of knowledge and time on their hands; is also common for attacks originating within the same corporate or institutional network, often by their own employees.

The most effective way to counter cyber attacks are regularly doing vulnerability testing by undertaking Ethical Hacking Course in Mexico, where iicybersecurity certified professionals make all kinds of tests and attacks (no damage) to the network, computer equipment, voice over IP telephony and mobile devices and confidentially report customer all vulnerabilities found. This way, you can correct the flaws of existing safety and prevent future attacks and information theft. With the rise of electronic attacks, not only in frequency but also in with, every day it becomes more important to test the effectiveness of your security.

 Ethical Hacking Course in Mexico

Ethical Hacking Course from iicybersecurity will help you:

  • Identify both external and internal threats
  • Assess and prioritize the risk of each vulnerability identified
  • Review criteria and database environments plus networks
  • Find non-technical methods to access their IT assets without authorization

Usually the general characteristics of the infrastructure to be analyzed are:

1.desktop computers and laptops.

2 Servers.

3 connectivity between branches.

4 Wireless networks.

5.Firewalls, switches and routers.

6 Telephony Voice Over IP (VoIP).

7 web portal company or institution.

Vulnerability testing can be compared to find the open door in a building, and is the first step in any strategy to verify the computer security of a corporate network.

With the help of Ethical Hacking in Mexico our specialists have proven tools recognized in the industry, combined with our own techniques to examine in detail and identify vulnerabilities in their computer systems combined. Unlike other automated services that only provide a computer generated list each vulnerability existing in your network, iicybersecurity services includes the prioritization of vulnerabilities that are most relevant to their infrastructure as well as provide tips to reduce them.


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