Expert level Security training in Mexico

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IICS provides information security training in order to train professionals to be able to advise, extract evidence, preserve, investigate, and report submission and opinions, experts in the prevention, detection and investigation of economic crimes, fraud and other cyber crimes that plague both businesses and individuals with the help of information security course, as the issue of cyber security is on the agenda of all institutions and governments and for this reason ethical hacking training is so important.

Theinformation security training aims to equip students with the knowledge of the main techniques of computer expertise, extraction of electronic evidence, conduct traces of attacks and threats in the operating systems, networks, application software, Web systems and databases data, and provide the skills needed for reporting and judicial and extrajudicial opinions.

After taking ethical hacking training, you know and understand the laws and regulation of computer law, special rules and regulation of technological crimes. Remove the electronic evidence in all kinds of technological devices, preserve, analyze and investigate.

Information security course also helps you to know and apply the Code of Ethics and Good Practice of Computer Expertise. Understand and know how to evaluate the different cryptographic algorithms and techniques, and mechanisms of protection associated with them. Meet the specialized hardware platforms for computer security. Understand the concept of vulnerability and its typology and able to analyze vulnerabilities in specific systems.

Information security course

The course of information security training provides necessary training for professionals in Information Security and Judicial Expertise, covering: technical analysis systems (analysis of vulnerabilities and malware, common attack techniques, forensics, etc.) combined with full preparation in legal aspects (telecoms regulation, privacy, intellectual property, cybercrime) and the skills necessary to manage (expertise, audit standards and processes).

The ethical hacking training is divided into 12 modules and is supported by the Experts farsighted and aware of the importance of Technology News, both in people and in the business world where you do every day more businesses more scams, more cybercrime and necessary figure of professional advisers.

The Special Master Information security course and expertise in the extraction of electronic evidence; particular importance is having a great weight in all types of both judicial as well as extrajudicial proceedings in criminal matters, civil, social, commercial, social and even personal; digital evidence are items that we use on a daily basis such as computer, mobile and other devices. This course will help you develop your expert work and change your life in a positive way through ethical and efficient work to ensure the general public a great help.


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