Home Depot hack- Possible breach of millions of credit cards

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Home Depot said on Tuesday that it was investigating a report that customer credit and debit card data was stolen from its systems and put up for sale online.

Multiple banks came across evidence that suggests Home Depot may be the point of origin for a new batch of stolen payment card information, according to Krebs on Security. The cards were posted for sale on the black market on Tuesday morning.

Home Depot said it’s working with banking partners and law enforcement to look into unusual activity.

“Protecting our customers’ information is something we take extremely seriously, and we are aggressively gathering facts at this point while working to protect customers. If we confirm that a breach has occurred, we will make sure customers are notified immediately,” Home Depot spokeswoman Paula Drake said in a statement.

If a breach is confirmed, Home Depot will be the latest target in a recent string of hacking attacks against major companies, after Target, Neiman Marcus, Michaels, Sally Beauty, P. F. Chang’s and UPS. Those companies said criminals had installed malicious software on their systems that siphoned customers’ payment information. The hackers who broke into the systems are believed to belong to the same crime ring in Eastern Europe.




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