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The popularity of the Internet across multiple devices, from smart phones to tablets, to a myriad of objects they acquire intelligence and connectivity, cyber universe has expanded to about the limit. This digital age in which they are immersed not only end users but also, obviously, companies and public entities, has also brought new risks: the criminals are already aware that the Internet is now the breeding ground for carrying out their attacks. with the increase in risks,Information Security Course are in high needs. The hackers of the past, which only attacked to show your skills and computer skills have given way mostly to full-fledged criminals seeking in their actions a financial interest.

What is network security?

Network security is a security level that ensures that the operation of all machines in a network is optimal and that all users of these machines have the rights that have been granted to them

This may include:

  • prevent unauthorized persons involved in the system for evil purposes
  • prevent users from making unintentional actions that could damage the system
  • secure data by anticipating failures
  • ensure that services are not interrupted

The causes of insecurity

Generally, the uncertainty can be divided into two categories:

  • A state of insecurity active, ie, lack of knowledge of the user about system functions, some of which can be harmful to the system (for example, disable the network services the user is not required)
  • a passive state of insecurity; ie, when the administrator (or user) of a system is not familiar with the security mechanisms present in the system.

 Information Security in Mexico

The aim of the attacking

The attackers (also called “pirates” or “hackers”) may have many reasons:

  • attraction to the forbidden
  • the desire for money (for example, violating a banking system)
  • reputation (impress your friends)
  • the desire to do damage (destroy data, cause a system not work)
  • The behavior of the attacker

Frequently, the target for an attacker is able to control a machine to perform desired actions. There are several ways to accomplish this:

  • obtaining information that can be used in attacks
  • exploiting system vulnerabilities
  • forcing a system to break it

How can you protect yourself?

  • keep yourselves informed
  • know your operating system
  • limits access to the network (firewall)
  • limit the number of entry points (ports)
  • define an internal security policy (passwords, activation of executable files)
  • make use of security utilities (registration)

Against this background the Information Security Training has become a topic of great interest to consumers and organizations of all kinds. In order to information on this topic, organizations and  individuals are requested to visit Posted by Webimprints.



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