Ethical Hacking Guys Must Know

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In this article we will speak on 8 Types of Hackers that exist and their respective profiles. Many do not know them apart because he is known as Hacker or is said to be a hacker to anyone who can hack a site, break a password, if you know programming well, even those who manage computer some say you are Hackers tremendous.  As there are several types of Hackers and want to mention 8 Types of Hackers You Should Know below:

1 Black Hat Hackers

The Black Hat Hackers and Black Hat are the bad guys, who are commonly referred to as ‘Hackers’. The term is used very specifically for hackers to break the security of a computer a Network or create Computer Viruses.The Black Hat Hackers often seek the path of least resistance, either some vulnerability, human error, laziness or some new method of attack.Black Hat classification comes from the identification of the villains in old movies Old West Black Hats typically used.

2 White Hat Hackers

The White Hat Hackers White Hat Hackers or are the good guys, the ethical. Are regularly entering security systems to find vulnerabilities. Some are security consultants, working for a company in the area of computer security systems protecting the Black Hat Hackers.The White Hat Hackers Black Hats were few and jumped to the side of good or have knowledge of them and use them to do good. White Hat classification comes from the identification of Heroes in ancient old western movies typically used White Hats.

3 Gray Hat Hackers

The Gray Hat Hackers or Grey Hat Hackers are pretending to be the good and the bad, in other words, have ambiguous ethics. They have the knowledge of a Black Hat Hacker and use to penetrate systems and look for vulnerabilities and then offer their services to repair them under contract.

4 Crackers

The Crackers fall into the camp of the Black Hats. These commonly come into vulnerable systems for stealing information, leaving any virus, malware, trojan into the system and create backdoors to re-enter as they please.It is also known as Crackers those who design programs to break securities Softwares, expand software functionality or the original hardware known as Cracks, Key Generators, etc. This is often done by reverse engineering.

  1. Script Kiddies

The Script Kiddies is known to hackers who use other programs written to penetrate a system, network computer, website, etc. because they have small knowledge about what is happening internally in programming.

6 Phreaker

The Phreaker can say is the Hacker telephone systems, mobile phones, wireless and Voice over IP (VoIP). A phreak is a person who investigates telephone systems through the use of technology for the pleasure of handling a technologically complex and sometimes also to obtain some benefit such as free calling system.

7 Newbie

The Newbie  is encountered with a site about Hacking and low all utilities and programs to your PC, start reading and implementing programs to see what they do. Rarely achieving penetrate a vulnerable system and then not knowing what to do. It is a harmless beginner looking for more information on Hacking.Sometimes they are mistaken for “Lammer” to start bragging about his “new skills” acquired and often end up being one of 2 things: Lammers or become mature and Hackers.

Ethical Hacking in Mexico

8 Lammer

The Lammer is nothing more and nothing less that Hacker is believed and has the necessary knowledge and logic to understand what is really happening when you use a ready-made program to hack and break some security. Often they are made ​​to be a Hacker.

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