Basics terminologies of Malware Reverse Engineering

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They are developed to be played by some media as the (most common) email, messengers or P2P programs. The purpose of these is to reach as many users as possible and achieve distributing other types of malicious code that will be mentioned below. The latter will be responsible for carrying out the deception, theft or embezzlement. Another common objective is to worms DDoS attacks against specific websites or even eliminate “virus within the jurisdiction” for the business that is attempted.


In theory, a Trojan virus is not because it does not meet all of the same features, but because these threats can spread similarly, usually within the same group.

A Trojan is a small program generally stayed within a normal application (a file).

Goal is to pass unnoticed to the user and installed on the system when it runs the file “host”. After installed, you can perform different tasks, hidden from the user. Currently they are used for the installation of other malware such as backdoors and allow system access to the creator of the threat. Some Trojans, least, perform a useful function simulates the user while also performing the harmful action. The similarity to the “Trojan horse” of the Greeks is evident and because of that feature were named.


These programs are designed to open a “back door” in our system so as to allow the creator of this application to access the system and do what you want with it. The aim is to achieve a large number of infected computers to freely dispose of forms point networks as described below.


Adware is software that displays advertisements of different products or services. These applications include additional code that displays pop-up advertising, or through a bar that appears on the screen simulating offer different services useful to the user.

Generally, add graphics icon in the toolbar of Internet browsers or email clients, which have the predefined keywords for the user to reach advertising sites, whatever it is you’re looking for.

 malware reverse engineering


The spyware or spyware is an application that gathers information about a person or organization without their knowledge or consent. The most common objective is to distribute to advertising companies or other organizations.

Typically this software sends information to its servers, according to user’s browsing habits. Also, collect data about the websites that are navigated and requested information on those sites and IP addresses and URLs visited.

This information is exploited for marketing purposes, and is often the source of other pests such as SPAM, as they may face personalized advertising to the affected user. With this information, it is also possible to create statistical profiles of the habits of Internet users.

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