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Innovative use of Internet can give small business owners like most of their larger counterparts competitive advantage. However, large companies have increased spending on IT security and compliance efforts, turning the attention of cyber criminals to small businesses. According to the study, most small businesses are not doing enough to protect themselves online and to provide Information Security in Mexico. Nearly a fifth of small businesses do not have or use the antivirus software. Sixty percent do not use any encryption on their wireless networks, and two thirds have a safety plan in place. These new age criminals use illicit applications to hijack computers and use in larger criminal activity programs. For example, entire networks of hijacked computers “botnets” are used to send spam e-mails intended for direct recipients to fraudulent Web sites designed to extract personal information. Despite increased efforts by the government to identify and overcome these criminal enterprises, which continue to grow in number, scope and sophistication. Like all criminals, constantly seeking the best targets of opportunity. Today, these objectives are in the small business community.

Information Security in Mexico

 All small businesses should have these basic things:

1. Internet use policy

Every business needs a plan for the protection of your information, and part of that plan should be an Internet use policy that lets employees know their responsibilities when it comes to surfing the Web on company time.

2. content filtering

The easiest to spyware, malware and other Internet threats software solution is to prevent access to the most probable sites containing them.

3. separate computers home computers work

Whether your employees work in the office or from home, worth keeping separate computers for work and home.

 4 Anti-virus and anti-malware

Computers increasingly come with these installed programs. Small businesses that require greater protection can also choose to install a product suite that automatically patches to their operating system every time the new malware or a virus is detected.

5 E-mail protection

Many security products series include email protection to protect against spam and other threats.

6 Strong passwords

Always create strong passwords longer than six characters using uppercase and lowercase letters and include numbers and symbols.

7 WiFi (wireless) security

Companies have rapidly adopted and implemented wireless networks Internet. Small businesses have been smarter about securing their wireless networks, they need to be smarter about using safer and change default passwords encryption.

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