Cloud Computing Training in Mexico & Ethical Hacking Course

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Cloud Computing or the Cloud is a term that has become popular of late in the area of ​​Information Technology and Communication (ICT), which refers to a computer system based on Internet and remote data centers to manage services information and applications. But maybe that’s too abstract. Another way to explain it more simply, it is the service that gives you an outside company to the company where you work (using as Internet base) to get all the software you need, no need to purchase any additional hardware for your computer Internet access without having to use any network within your workplace. Where 7jy32the hardware and software are is simply a site within the “cloud” of the Internet. The term “cloud” is used as a metaphor for the Internet and originates in the cloud that is used to represent Internet network diagrams as an abstraction of the infrastructure it represents.

For some people the concept of cloud computing is equivalent to “outsourcing” or outsoucing ICT; others use it to refer to any computing service provided through the Internet or a similar network. However, the best way to explain what cloud computing is through an example:

 Cloud Computing Training in Mexico

When you subscribe to a service like Google’s docs, you can create a document, spreadsheet or PowerPoint presentation using Internet-based software; instead of writing about a program like Microsoft Word or Open Office, which runs on your computer, you are using similar software available in one of the Google data centers located around the world.

The document you are working remotely stored on a Web server and can access it from any computer with internet access, anywhere in the world, anytime. By using a service based on the Web like this, it means you’re outsourcing some of your IT to a company like Google, which assumes the cost of developing the software and keep it updated, and get a financial reward for it through needs advertising and other paid services. iicybersecurity provides Cloud Computing Training in Mexico for individuals and companies.

iicybersecurity abbreviated for International institute of cyber security also covers ethical hacking course in Mexico. The Ethical Hacking is the name given to “learn hacking to fight” and not to “learn to hack”. Under this course you can take your first steps into the world of Ethical Hacking small practices performing cyber attacks and their defense. Posted by Webimprints.For more information about the course


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