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The phrase “cloud computing” is read each day more often, not only in specialized publications on computers, but also appears in newspapers and magazines, being present also in radio and TV, and of course in the Internet.  Cloud computing is a computing system based on the use of the Internet by remote data centers to manage information services and applications that is programs (software) and data stored remotely. Cloud computing allows individuals and companies to manage files and use applications without being installed on the hard drives from any computer with Internet access.

Cloud technology offers, a much more efficient use of resources such as storage, memory, processing and bandwidth use by providing only the necessary resources to operate at all times. The “cloud” that is referred to is not studied by meteorologists, is a “symbolic image” a metaphor for the Internet. Cloud computing means thus move data back and forth from file servers IP addresses located in the network of networks that can be accessed with high reliability and sufficient data transfer rate. Using this option, the information is stored at a remote site, which requires connect to it whenever you need to use the data stored in “the cloud.” Offline just cannot work with this mode.

Cloud Computing Training in Mexico

The speed of operation of the communication system then determines the data transfer rate to and from the remote server used by this technology. Here intervenes once again the availability of bandwidth, as might be expected. No doubt about the danger of employing this system, primarily because the stored data are doubly exposed to a variety of malicious actions, ranging from data theft until the introduction of malware to monitor the performance computers.

For many users of computer systems is still a secret that there are many evil computer programs, such as those known as keyboard loggers pulses … called in English “Keyboard Loggers”, whose goal is to go blow for blow when recording and as each key is pressed, that keeping such information in a data file open secret on the machine, and then sending an email all that data to be used by cybercriminals. In another variant, the malicious program saves the data in a file that is accessed remotely without the owner of the computer realizes that the information is on its way into cyberspace.

With these recorders pulse keyboards associated programs storage and communication, have been fraudulently obtained millions of dollars through the criminal manipulation of access passwords to bank accounts, making these results without the so-called “storage is used in the cloud.” To know more about Cloud Computing Training in Mexico, Posted By Webimprints.


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