Mobile security in Mexico

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When speaking of the term mobile security, you should consider the concepts and terms presented above and direct it to the mobile ecosystem, mobile security is the characteristic of providing security to mobile devices to minimize the risks, hazards and vulnerabilities attacks that occur in mobile operating systems, and hardware technologies that use mobile devices, avoiding most attacks on objects that can be anytime, anywhere, so they are not stolen data and information individuals and organizations, physical harm or abduction device thereof for activities not permitted by users as well as the misuse of the features and functionality of mobile devices.

Mobile security in Mexico

There are different dictionaries, definition of security has different meaning & concepts “The term security has multiple uses. Broadly speaking, we can say that this concept comes from the Latin Securitas emphasizes the lockout feature, i.e., enhances ownership of something where no dangers, damage or risks are recorded. One thing for sure is something strong, certain and unquestionable. Safety, therefore, can be considered as a certainty “.

In the area of ​​information technology and communication security is emphasized in information security hardware and equipment used, there are different definitions for computer security however in this case a clear definition and appoint concise, computer security is responsible for minimizing the risks, vulnerabilities and provide efficient and effective to recover from attacks that can be made to the information systems, communication and storage answers.

According to the some books Mobile Application Security, the main security issues facing mobile devices are:

The security of mobile devices due to the continuous increase of the loss and theft.

  • The safe storage of the device.
  • Processes poor passwords with strong authentication.
  • Support multiple users with ease.
  • Navigation safe environments.
  • Security in mobile operating systems.
  • Insulation applications.
  • Disclosure of information.
  • Viruses, Worms, Trojans, Spyware and Malware.
  • The process of updating and patching operating systems.
  • The use and strict compliance with the SSL protocol.
  • Phishing
  • Application of cross-site forgery.
  • The location privacy and security.
  • Driver’s unsafe devices.
  • Multi-factor authentication.

It is important to note that mobile security must be present in the entire mobile ecosystem, i.e. in all technologies, models, methodologies, protocols, standards, best practices development, testing, legal, manufacturers, operating systems, applications, etc.., all the mobile world should be focused on minimizing risks, eliminate vulnerabilities, and respond to attacks in the best way in order to provide users and organizations secure and reliable products, but human risk is always present and this is the most difficult to handle and manage. International Institute of cyber security deals with the Mobile security in Mexico. To know more visit

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