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What is Ethical Hacking?

It is a service provided by professionals with proven honesty subjected to searching for vulnerabilities of our web sites and network, through hacking, detecting potential security flaws and provide elements that allow these flaws (“security holes”) service .

How is Ethical Hacking apply?

Traditionally, two methods of checking the system are carried out:

The scanner applications. This procedure is subjected to a systematic attack applications through automated procedures that detect, roughly, system vulnerabilities.

Ethical Hacking Course in Mexico

The study by consulting services, wherein experts of International institute of cyber security provides black box testing to find the vulnerabilities to fix them.

What are the drawbacks of applying scanner application techniques?

The scanner application involves investment in software licenses and equipment for the execution of the scanning, to finally get a stack results in many circumstances does not involve real vulnerabilities, which is given to call “false positives”. The delivery of a report with this information transferred to the customer workload, expensive and boring, to filter and delete all junk information. On the other hand, the consulting services entail very affordable costs, by price / day consultant or other means of engagement approaches as per business needs.

 In summary:

– Save the cost of scanning equipment and licenses.

– Cost savings of their equipment to detect “false positives”.

– Making unlimited test, flexibly and on demand.

 iicybersecurity provides Ethical Hacking Course in Mexico to help individuals and corporate to prevent themselves from cyber threats.

What do the experts say about iicybersecurity?

International institute of cyber security is leveraging security to the corporate and individuals

Do not waste time leaving open the “doors” to potential criminals who want to undermine the structure of your company. Contact us to schedule a test solution and then iicybersecurity will be glad to serve you. If your company develops web applications or use by third parties, we can help you improve the security of your system. Through this service we can test the security of your application and network and give a report of the problems encountered.

Benefits of this service:

  • Lets have a view of the security of your application.
  • Deliver a more secure application and thereby add value to the system.
  • You can check the security of your system by third parties.
  • Save resources.
  • Increases software quality.
  • Improved relations and customer confidence to avoid incidents that can damage the relationship with him.

To know more about Ethical Hacking in Mexico, visit


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