Ethical Hacking Course in Mexico

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This course is aimed at professionals working in the web world and want to improve their knowledge as system administrators and security auditors. It is also an appropriate course for future candidates for positions related to Internet security in general or participants who want to excel in the field of malware and threats to the network. During the course of Ethical Hacking Course in Mexico we will discuss about the latest security hacks and threats against individuals and corporate. We will also talk about the ways to prevent those attacks.

The main purpose of this course to train professionals to successfully perform security audits of web services and applications, to detect security issues that can succeed in these types of businesses and implement the necessary solutions for prevention and improvement. This will include two aspects: first, will be aspects to consider developing secure Web software and, secondly, will make recommendations on how to address the design of robust infrastructure. The ethical hacking will be a great tool to help achieve these goals. The course has a very practical orientation, developed by security researchers from International Institute of cyber security. Students learn the skills to perform security audits to detect vulnerabilities in web applications and systems to apply the necessary corrective measures.

Ethical Hacking Course in Mexico

Hacking Course in Mexico is aimed at all those who want to work in the area of ​​electronics and communications, networking, telecommunications and oracle, web programming, certifications / windows, technical, management, computer security, web design, web design, tic, engineering computer or just learning more about technology – internet, engineering, professional trades.

As protect and audit the network security of a company or institution in Linux environment. Attendees will consolidate Linux & Windows administration skills that enable hardening servers and workstations, as well as properly modify scripts daemons running on the machines. The correct administration and hardening Linux computers will give way to the implementation and use of security tools and audit of security implemented. They know the risks of having systems of the institution where your face to develop Internet and within the institutional network work. They will learn to establish preventive measures, security policies at your company or job, detecting weaknesses and fissures in the deployed enterprise security. Implement and tools used to control security and network servers. They will practice methods of attacks and intrusion detection and monitoring of malicious network traffic. Develop the skills to plan proper control measures implemented or to implement this with the corresponding benefit.


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