Iicybersecurity provides Mobile Security course for your Smartphone

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In the near future Smartphone’s will be replace our day to day needs of personal computer. With the coming of Smartphone’s, new mobile technologies are evolving to cater people needs. With the increase in evolution of new mobile technologies, there also an evolution in increase of threats and risks associated with the mobile technology. To mitigate these threats and risks in mobile technologies, we are working across to secure mobile devices. Android, windows are the most common platform used across all the mobile phones and all these platforms are flooding with millions & millions of apps. So mobile security has been an important aspect of today’s mobile scenario.

Mobile security in MexicoIicybersecurity is offering training for Mobile security in Mexico to help organizations and individuals understand security needs in mobile era. The main reason that led us to take a course on mobile device security, today is that mobile technology also has become a target of attackers computer and physical theft. This is explained not only because they are teams that can have a high economic cost, but also because they are used to handle and banking products or services that involve the use of money.

In this sense, the objective of the course is to explain the operation of various threats that could undermine our mobile devices. Then, the various measures that can be taken to mitigate the impact of such threats will be provided. Once they completed the course will be able to:

1. Understand the current state of the smartphone market with respect to the various available operating systems (OS), the market share that each OS, the official repositories for downloading applications and the reasons that make Android OS most attacked by cybercriminals .

2. Understand the different types of threats that may affect users and mobile devices such as malware, phishing, phishing, theft or loss of equipment, unprotected wireless connections, among others.

3. Learn and adapt knowledge necessary to protect a mobile OS of various computer threats. Understand the advantages and disadvantages of the trend known as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD).

Iicybersecurity also offers course for Ethical Hacking in Mexico with modern training facility with expert faculty. Organizations & Student will get completely practical knowledge with real time attack on any network or system that has weak security.


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