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What is a 2AV technique? It is ANTI ANTI-VIRUS TECHNIQUES; whenever we talk about information security we start thinking about viruses, worm and other threats. Let us talk about information security basic concepts on -ANIT-ANTI-VIRUS TECHNIQUES. Anti-virus software does up to three major jobs:

Detection: Detecting whether or not some code is a virus or not which, in the purest form of detection, results in a Boolean value: yes, this code is infected, or no, this code is not infected. Ultimately, detection is a losing game.
Identification: Once a virus is detected, which virus is it? The identification process may be distinct from detection, or identification may occur as a side effect of the detection method being used.
Disinfection: Disinfection is the process of removing detected viruses; this is sometimes called cleaning. Normally a virus would need to be precisely identified in order to perform disinfection.

All viruses self-replicate, but not all viruses act in an openly hostile way towards anti-virus software. Anti anti-virus techniques are techniques used by viruses which do one of three things:
• 1 Aggressively attack anti-virus software.
• 2 Try to make analysis difficult for anti-virus researchers.
• 3 Try to avoid being detected by anti-virus software, using knowledge of how anti-virus software works.
The lack of clear definitions in this field comes into play again: arguably, any of the encryption methods is an attempt to achieve the latter two goals.

International Institute Cyber Security in Mexico is international brand institute for all type of data security information and it also provided global information security services inside the world. It is working for many sector such as consulting & outsourcing security, aviation, defense and other government department in many country. This company provided 100% placement assistance through its dedicated placement cell and dedicated student service.

To further confuse matters, “anti-anti-virus” is different from “anti-virus virus.” Anti-virus virus has been used variously to describe: a virus that attacks other viruses; anti-virus software that propagates itself through viral means; software which drops viruses on a machine, then offers to sell “anti-virus” software to remove the viruses it put there. Back to the relatively well-defined anti-anti-virus, this includes seven techniques:
Retroviruses, entry point obfuscation, anti-emulation, armoring, tunneling, integrity checker attacks, and avoidance. To understand more on the above techniques easily. Information Security Classes Mexico is working to help people understand Information security concepts. For any query just fill up enquiry form and our expert very happy to reply your query.

For more info please visit: http://www.iicybersecurity.com


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